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We believe that money is just a means to enable us to live the life we dream of having.

While everyone has the ability to make money, not all of us know how to manage our money well. What do we do with our money? How do we make it work hard for us?

If you have some questions about personal finance, our site offers reliable and safe information that you can take and refer to when making financial decisions.

We believe that when you manage your finances well in accordance with your life's purpose, you will discover personal happiness. It is our mission to help you find happiness and purpose in your life.


We are environmentally conscious, tech-savvy advisors who practice sustainability in everything we do. Our top priority is to save the trees, protect earth and reduce our carbon footprint. We believe in emails, PDFs, Whatsapps, online chats, user-friendly software, and virtual meetings to make the planning process enjoyable and convenient for all.

Actionable Solutions

As millennial financial planning professionals, we understand the needs and lifestyles of our generation. We want to empower you to grow and take control of your future.  We have a wealth of resources to help equip you in your personal finance journey with actionable solutions to improve your life from the get-go.


As fee-based advisors, we put your best interests above all else. You won't get biased recommendations as our income is not affected by the commissions we receive. You can be sure that we give you only the advice and solutions that best suit your personal situation and goals.

Professional, Ethical & Practical

When you come to us looking for financial guidance, we will you the truth, no holds barred. We will tell you where the red flags are and the adjustments that need to be made. We will not hesitate to go extra mile with you to craft effective solutions that will help you achieve your goals no matter which level you start at.

Real Life Experience

When we give advice, you can be sure that it's not just theoretical -- we've actually experienced the issues you are going through before. So you will receive only advice that works. As cliche as it may sound, once you're in the Ringgit Advisor family, you'll never walk alone.


You will not find us standing in front or behind you pushing or pulling you in one direction or another. We are right there next to you, partnering with you to guide you through the issues and any questions you may have.