3 Financial Planning Lesson You Can Learn From Avengers: Endgame

Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame has taken over our lives of late. This very-much-anticipated-box office hit has already made a statement with the ever soaring ticket sales. It has even crossed the $2Billion milestone in just it’s second week in the theatre.

Apart from getting entertained by the exciting story, we can also learn a few important financial planning lesson.


We Have To Know Our Objective, Goals.

There is only one person who can decide for us what our future will be and that person is ourselves. Thanos definitely understood this, he has set his purpose, mission, and his goals. Hence he make plans to have the 6 infinity stones to destroy half of the universe so that he can save the other half.

Understanding our purpose is a very key step, without knowing our purpose and our objective, Thanos would probably be planting vegetables and do farming work, like what we seen him doing after he has established his objective.

Commonly, people make investment without understanding what their investment objective is. Are you investing for capital appreciation, or investing for income, or are you investing for the sake of fun? It is important that we avoid taking unnecessary risk and take a suffer in our investment journey.


Mortal Men Will Grow Old (Even Groot grows too)

If you have not watch the movie, you may want to come back later to avoid spoiler.

I used to wonder if Captain America’s ability actually prevent him from ageing, other than the 70 years sleep in artic ice land. In Avengers: Endgame, we know for sure that even Captain America will became an old man and had to pass his Shield to his comrade.

A very fit soldier, given time (decades), we will become old, and older. As we age, we will probably see our health quality and condition depleting too. Besides, we will eventually retire from work, and our active income will come to a halt too.

Statistics tell us that people are living longer. Therefore, we need to be careful with our golden years. Unlike in a movie, we have to ensure we have food and our retirement fund can sustain a reasonable retirement lifestyle.

Good news, the earlier we start this journey, the easier it will be.


What Legacy Do You Want To Leave Behind?

Mortal men ages, and we will die eventually, if not naturally. Sooner or later, we will have to bid farewell to our families or people who are important to us.

Imagine if you are a Genius, Billionaire, PlayBoy, and Philanthropist like Tony Stark, what will happen to all your wealth? How do you want to distribute your wealth? Who do you trust to manage your wealth?  How to ensure the right inheritance will go to the right beneficiary at the right time?

If you are a parents, you have a pressing urgency plan for this. When parents are no longer around to care for their minor child, the child may become an orphan. Tony Stark’s daughter, Morgan Stark may have a loving mother, but not all child have parents that are loving, some parents could be alcoholic, abusive, or not have the ability to provide reasonable care for the minor’s basic living expenses, education and healthcare need.

Parents should think about this type of What-If. Parents can write a Will to appoint guardian(s) who can jointly care for their child if one of them passageway. Also, should both parents migrated to another world, having guardian whom we can trust our children future with will be very comforting. This should be a non-negotiable item on every parents’ to-do list. 

The above are the 3 big-picture lesson I think is extremely important that we should pay some attention to, after all, we will have to leave the movie hall and back to our real life and do ‘whatever it takes’ to pursue our own life goals.

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