4 Under-appreciated Work That We Should Appreciate More

Under-appreciated work

We are coming towards the “final final” chapter of 2019. Before you start planning for a new year, I thought this is a good time to reflect on something

Let’s reflect on work and purpose.

Work exists for a purpose. Each job or work we do is there because it has a value for its existence. That is why you are paid to do what you do. To put in a simple way, work exist to solve a problem.

Our work is something that will take up most part of our lives, so it is important that we find meaning in our work. This can help us be more engaged in what we are doing and also unleash creative juice that helps us improve.

Under-appreciated Work That We Truly Appreciate

Rarely do we think of how meaningful another person’s work is. It is not common that we will take a stop and be appreciative of another person’s work even we are benefiting from such work. Do we?

There are works that already been helping many of us to be more efficient at what we do best and help us saves lots of time. Below are the few that I personally am appreciative of for how much they have helped me to do more.

Food delivery Heroes

Most of us have to ask ourselves this question at least twice in a typical day, “what to eat? Where to eat?”. Searching for the answer to these questions can be taxing to the mind and deprive our mind of focus. But now with the proliferation of food delivery service, we only have to pay for the food with money, not with our time. By having our meals delivered to our offices and doorsteps, it saves us time. A drive to the nearest mall or restaurant could take up tremendous amount of time especially if when time spent looking for a legit parking spot is included.

Food delivery may be quite common in country or cities that with high density but in our country, it is only beginning to become common. Our food delivery heroes (Grabfood, FoodPanda, etc.) are risking their life to deliver our favorite food to us, while we capitalize on the time saved to do more.


There are times we needed to be at some place to do something important, but we also have the need to appear at another place to collect something urgently. Splitting ourselves to appear at two places at the same time facing peak traffic condition is not an easy. However, Go-Getters solve these challenges for us easily.

There was once that I realized I forgotten to get my laptop adaptor, but it would be insane to take the 50 min drive back to my office. A Go-Getter helped solve this issue. I could focused on my discussion without worrying about not having my laptop for the rest of the day. More importantly, it saved me precious time for the trips.

Delivery Driver

Purchasing something through internet is quite common to most of us nowadays. With more and more online mega sales like the recently held 12.12, 11.11, or 09.09, we can even save money and time buying the item we needed to buy with just a few clicks. We do not have to leave our home to collect what we buy. That’s wonderful.

People say you can’t have the best of both worlds. But in this case, we get to have what we want by paying less, and also save time.

Recently, there was a viral video about a celebratory dance by an Amazon’s driver. It started when the buyer wanted to show gratefulness towards delivery driver for delivering happiness to people’s doorstep. What caused the video to go viral was the reaction from the recipient of such gratitude. His excitement got him to do this celebratory dance on his way towards his van. You can watch the video here.


We are so used to watching youtube videos we may forget how useful these videos can be. These videos provide us knowledge, information that can helps us improve or make quality decision.

Unboxing and review videos can provide useful insight to us before we make a purchase. These information allow us to spend our money wisely and find the product that really fits our need.

There are also you-tubers that dedicated their time to share with us their knowledge, or what they are passionate with. These information eventually helps make our horizon broader and makes us a better person too.

Purpose & Mission

There’s more to these three occupations mentioned in this post that help us without us knowing. Such as those who clean our streets early in the morning.

All the jobs exist for a reason, and that is why people hire us. I notice that most of the job exist to save someone’s time. Example, executives are hired to help managers, managers are hired to support Directors, etc. The question is what do this person do with the time saved?

Since this is a personal finance blog, let me point out that a Licensed Financial Planner exists for a noble reason too. A financial planner helps you take control of your personal finance. This allows you to focus on what you do best.  Such as doing your job knowing your that you are on track to realizing your life-goals.

What are the jobs or work that you are appreciative of? How do you see the meaning of your job?

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