Does Financial Planning Mean I Have To Be Cheap & Frugal?

Does Financial Planning Mean I Have To Be Cheap & Frugal?

What does implementing a financial plan mean to you? If you imagine saying goodbye to Starbucks lattes, nice things or a social life, let us assure you that this is not true at all.

One of the misconception is that when we embrace financial planning we will have to accept a frugal lifestyle. The truth is, financial planning is not for cheapskates. You see, the whole point of financial planning is to put the aspirations and life goals of a person at the core, so that every thing you do will lead you to achieving the lifestyle that you want. So, it would be counter intuitive for you to live a frugal lifestyle.

If you take on financial planning, what you essentially will do is to look your personal finance in totality, and then make decisions that are smarter, which are less attached to your urges and emotions for instant gratification.

It does not involve:

  • You having to eat less
  • Stop drinking lattes or cappucinos
  • Say bye to pampering massages
  • Not going out with your friends

We all need a life and we should build our network, and well, no one can truly be happy as a hermit, not even the richest person in the world! No matter if you are rich or poor or somewhere in between, I would say that we all need to have a process to manage our financial affairs to ensure that at the end of the day, we will have the ‘financial muscle’ to help us achieve our life goals.

Financial muscle in this context simply means having enough savings, and have the ability to achieve our life goals.

If you want to know how you can achieve the life you want and get your finances in order, talk to us. We will help you make plans on how to stretch your Ringgit further!

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