Money Myth #4: I don’t earn enough to save

don’t earn enough to save

If you think you don’t earn enough to save, these are probably the thoughts going through your head:

“My paycheck is small and I don’t have excess money to set aside.”

“I will start managing personal finances when I get bigger paycheck.”

“My savings is too small to make a difference.”

Why it’s a myth:

Many people are living paycheck to paycheck not because they don’t earn enough money. The problem is they don’t pay themselves first. Why pay your hard-earned money to other people first instead of yourself? Spend whatever that is left, not save whatever that is left.

Call to action:

Saving any amount is better than saving none at all. Budgeting and saving are crucial if you want to hit your financial goals. We advise our clients to train and develop consistent financial habits, then start to think about how to make the money you saved work for you. Talk to us today for assistance.

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